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Our Mission is to provide YOU, the Security conscious Individual, with as much relevant real-world information as possible pertaining to All aspects of Your Personal Defense.


At Personal Defense Solutions!, our belief is that the well researched information, dynamic Combatives Training and exceptional Service provided will go a long way towards developing YOU into a more Aware, Confident and Capable 'Civilian Warrior', able to protect both Yourself and Loved ones from the Self-Serving Predators that live amongst us!


Our Primary Goal is to infuse the Warrior Spirit within our Clients and provide them with the skills necessary to Prevail a potential lethal force encounter!



  • We are very Proud to be closely associated with an outstanding and continuously evolving group of MultiDimensional Warriors
  • We are unconventional in our approach to 'managing Chaos' and our Training methodologies can be viewed as a Bridge between various Combative systems. 
  • We do Not conform to any belt ranking system nor is the core focus on creating new 'Masters' and/or 'Grandmasters' (there are already more than enough systems that do this!). 
  • We pride ourselves in making a profound difference within our respective Communities and are always willing to share Combative knowledge with all like-minded 'brothers-in-arms'.
  • We strive to ensure that we achieve Results in an ego-free Training environment devoid of All unnecessary politics!

On a daily basis We need to constantly remain Vigilant, Proactive, and above all accept Responsibility for our Own well being - To that end, this is Our small (yet humble) contribution.



Using South Africa as a prime example, consider the following:

Murder's in South Africa (April 2014 to March 2015) - 17805 (SAPS Crime Statistics)

A Total of 49 Murder's Per Day!


 No matter where in the world you happen to reside, Everyone needs to accept the fact that as free law-abiding citizens there IS an ever-evolving 'Silent War' at play against various criminal elements that roam within Our society.

To that end, should You be unable to escape a potential life threatening confrontation, it is essential that You remain Proactive in Your approach, Prepared (both mentally/physically!), Equipped with the essential gear/tools necessary and Willing to meet the situation with ALL the Ferocity, Intensity and Explosiveness that You can muster!


"The SCUM set on making Your world a Worse place to live in are Always at 'work' and NEVER take a day off, so why should You?"



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